Wednesday 13 November 2013

December's Reading List

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I bit the bullet. Enough time had gone by without this wonderful book being in my life. I know it has got praised on many other beauty blogs and I can now see why. I am of course talking about Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual - For everyone from beginner to pro. Published in December 2008 I understand I am a little behind time in this purchase, but then again I am not sure my 15 year old self would fully appreciate it's beauty. I have the paper back copy and you can easily pick this up for £20 (hardback) on the Bobbi Brown website. (

It really does cover everything. However my favourite pages are as listed below:

Pages 10-13 cover essential tools. In this section brushes are clearly identified by size, shape and bristle type allowing you to chose what is best for your make-up type. This isn't the brand pushing you to buy their brand, there are hints to different brands (such as tweezerman) and the brush descriptions are general to their use. 

Chapter 4 (pages 47-78) is aptly named "Face". The basics of this cover under-eye concealer, foundation and powder. In this also covers self tanning. I love how in depth this goes. I hate wasting make-up (primary as it is really quite expensive when you add it all up) so knowing how to apply make-up as effectively as possible is a bonus to allowing you to always look your best! Bobbi Brown is soo well known for her concealers, and being an individual in possession of one, I found this section especially helpful!

What struck me on the chapter on eyes (chapter 6, 87-116) is how well catered it is to different eye shapes and types. The looks in this are contouring, smoky, eyeliner, colour, tweezing and lashes to name a few sections. This section is probably my most read yet!

Elle the December issue

I admit, I am one of those that flicks through the adverts in a magazine first before reading the articles. I really want to go into Advertising (whilst studying Marketing now) and the positioning, use of models and use of colour fascinates me. My favourite is probably the Fendi advert (38-39).The subtle pastel colours of the coat complementing the pale blue sky and the longing expression is emphasised by the use of fur on the boots and bag, which to me, hints at the turn from Summer to Winter - which for most, isn't a good season to go through!

Talking of fur, on page 158 "shop the look" concentrates on textures - namely fur! With this in mind on a recent shopping trip I did purchase a few items featuring this specific feature. I love fur (fake) giving every day looks a depth to them, especially teemed with a knit. 

Fox beanie, £7.99 TKMaxx

Faux Fur headband, £12 Marks and Specer

Anyway, the Elle subscription has since been renewed and I eagerly await January's edition!

I'd love to hear your views on both of these items, both good and bad!


  1. Hi dear, very useful info, where can we subscribe to this make up manual? i WANT 1. :-) you can follow me at and i will follow you back- instant love :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      The makeup manual isn't for subscription it's a one off payment of around £20 ( but you may be able to search Amazon/ Ebayy and find a cheaper alternative :)
      Thank you