Sunday 17 November 2013

Mini beauty hall 15/11/13

I guess this is a mini haul combined with a belated Birthday present from my boyfriends Gran.

I wandered round gunwharf yesterday with a friend and did a quick sweep of the small Boots, Cosmetic Company and The Body Shop - in which I had a £3 off voucher courtesy of Elle. 

Boots stocked my all time favourite body moisturiser, Nivea Soft. It is so thick and creamy, perfect for this time of year and drying skin, yet soaks in quickly without leaving a greasy residue! I also picked up some clear mascar by Collection 2000 to keep my eyebrows in place. It was cheap and isn't anything special, but it does the job!

In the Body Shop I purchased "scruff", a moisturising lip balm that also exfoliates. I've had issues (like a lot of others) with the wind drying out my lips causing them to chap - which is never attractive, and even worse when my boyfriend decided to comment on them. After using this product for the day (applying about 6 times) my chapped lips have vanished! It's been amazing. It cost £8 originally which I think is a bit much for a lip balm, but with the money off I am very impressed. However, apply too much and your lips do a have a green tint around the edge.

My Cath Kidston purchase (probably discontinued now) was the "Star" hand cream, with hints of lime and mint. I find their ranges of hand creams last forever and do the job without costing too much. I will re-buy until they decide to stop selling hand creams. The packaging is also nice enough to give as a present without it being just another dodgy beauty product you get given at Christmas! (Picture taken earlier in the day with better lighting! I must find my camera charger...) 

From the Cosmetics Company I collected another addition to my MAC lipsticks. This is probably discontinued too (I haven't checked) but this amazing Barbie pink is called "Silly". Where as I wouldn't wear this Matt colour at Christmas particularly I couldn't leave it there as it was the only one and just stood out to me. I know this is a colour I'll wear through next summer! 

Lastly, my belated present. My boyfriends Grandma very kindly knitted me scarf and bought me a Boots No. 7 lipstick and lipgloss set, even though I am yet to meet her. The lipstick shade is "Stay Perfect" and the lipgloss "Smile". I don't think I've ever come across a lipstick so pigmented! I'm actually a little apprehensive to use it. Saying that, it's matt finish is creamy and I'm intrigued as to it's staying power, I'm yet to find out. The lipgloss is high shine, and it definitely is! It does however have an almost sickly sweet taste at first, but the shine does last. 

(Swatches run from "Smile", "Stay Perfect" and "Silly") 

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