Monday 18 November 2013

18/11/13 - post!

It's so nice receiving post that isn't bill (sorry for sounding old)! The first package isn't at all exciting, it was my new phone case. I recently got an iPhone 5C, but I refuse to pay Apple 30 quid for a cheap plastic case which has holes in seeing as my phone could still get damaged. In fact I don't want to pay over 20 quid for a phone case, but having a phone that doesn't fit in any other case (iPhone 4 or 5) I was stuck. I scrolled eBay and Amazon with no luck until my friends boyfriend sent me the link to one he'd found. For 99p I had a range of 5 colours and postage was free. Bit more like it! I chose red for Christmas and sure enough after ordering on Friday, it arrived! It is only cheap plastic and very flimsy but it's fine for the moment. Hopefully someone will start making the 5C cases cheaply soon, and make them a bit more interesting!

Anyhow, the package I was most looking forward to came from On the 17th October I ordered the Benefit cream shadow in "slippin n dippin" and a Dolce and Gabbana ultra shine lipgloss in "delicious". The Benefit shade is very similar to their "sparkling champagne" from their latest range. It's a great nude tone with a hint of shimmer which will be the perfect base for eyeshadow. While shopping in the summer I had a makeover at a Dolce and Gabanna stand and really liked their lipgloss as it wasn't too sticky while it also stayed put. However I was put of by the £23 price tag. This shade is an orangey salmon and I love it! Just a shame it took nearly 5 weeks to deliver!! In total, I think I paid £20 for the two products.


  1. That gloss is utterly amazing! I would love to try it :) I think in the end it was worth waiting! :) your blog is so nice, just started following you via GFC, would you like to follow each other? Mine is Red Velvet

    1. Yes, was definitely worth the wait!
      Thank you, I am about to head over to your blog now :)