Thursday 14 November 2013

"You know I love Christmas, I always will"

I love Christmas. I find it so intriguing as to when people start/ finish their Christmas shopping, I love the lights, I love shopping for presents (and watching them be opened), the happiness, decorations... My list could go on! I do even love wrapping up, big cosy jumpers and scarves. But I do hate the cold. It's a tricky situation. Anyway, I've started an album on Pinterest as to my favourite Christmas scenes/ items that I've come across, and I'm pleased to say that I've completed one (if that's the right phrase). I'm just so excited!

So, my purchases. I saw on Instagram that Millie Mackintosh (ex MIC) had got the perfect Christmas jumper - from Internacionale. At the time, I tried to purchase it online but had been sold out in every size. Instead I popped in to town on my break and prayed they had it in stock. As pre-assumed, I'm sure, I got one and it is perfect! It's classic sweater material in dark grey and is soo warm! I dislike itchy jumpers, regardless of how warm the wool may be. So I'm not fussed that it's mainly polyester. The main Pug print features a silver nose and the "hat" features red sequins and a furry rim and bobble. An the price? £17.99 (or £16.19 with student discount). As an added incentive, Internacionale also offer a loyalty card where if you spend £15 or more you get a stamp and on your 6th stamp, you get 20% off! Bargain I think.

My other truly Christmasy purchases were a case to replace the Osprey pouch I use to keep headphones, pens, hair bands, lipsticks etc in my handbag. And finally a bauble! I bought these from Ted Baker. The pencil case in the House of Fraser concession, with the most adorable polar bear/ penguin scene! I can't find the link on either the Ted Baker or House of Fraser website but it's on the Selfridges website. Whilst the bauble was in the Gunwharf branch. It has their signature bull dog printed front and back. What more could you ask for? 

To finish off, I thought I'd add a few more of my novelty Christmas "things"...

Navy and red robbin bobble hat - £7.99 New Look

Knitted ginger bread man jumper - £42 Topshop

Nails Inc Christmas Crackers - £29.50 (for 6) Nails inc. Feautring: Mayfair Mews – navy Fibre Optic polish, Baker Street – cobalt blue, Marylebone Lane – red full coverage glitter polish, King’s Road – rose gold Foil effect polish, Kensington High Street - deep wine polish, Trafalgar Crescent – silver Galaxy polish

Christmas jumper fake nails - £7.10 (for 24 nails) Eylure on ASOS

Hooded bear onesie (Not entirely just for use at Christmas time, but it's from their advert) - £20-£22 John Lewis

Reindeer scarf - £12 George at Asda,default,pd.html

Candy cane pendant charm - £30 Pandora (or any of their Christmas collection!)!791193EN09

Have you bought anything Christmas related yet?


  1. Love the christmas nail wraps! I love christmas, I have everything wrapped already! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Wow that's impressive! I thought I was doing well on only having my Dad left to buy for... I better get wrapping! x