Saturday 30 November 2013

30/11/13 - nails #4

So it would appear my previous Rimmel polish lasted about 4 days without chipping, so not too bad but definitely not the best!

Anyway, it's almost the count down to Christmas so I thought I'd go for another Christmas themed nail - a girl can never do to many of those, right? I used Nails Inc. Whithall and Barry M's 297 blue glitter to attempt a French  tip look. Now I normally have a steady hand, but trying to persuade pieces of blue glitter to go where you want them to, proved to be my downfall. never the less I finished them, and from a distance, they don't look too bad!

I am still waiting for them to dry a bit more before I tidy up the edges and add a top coat, so excuse the excess that is covering my fingers!

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