Wednesday 27 November 2013

Season of the little black dress

Christmas often poses as the time of year known for the party dresses, a bold red lip and minimal eye make-up, and this year is no different. In my family, it's a tradition that we dress up for Christmas day and not ones to lay about in trackies. But then it comes to the same old question of "what am I going to wear on Christmas day?" When I was little, that was simple as Santa often bought me a pretty dress which I would be dying to wear, but now my Mum has reached the stage of not knowing what I want in terms of clothes, so that decision is left to me. I've put together a collection of dresses that are my this years competitors (I think). They are all LBD, as I can then take the opportunity to wear them again.

From top to bottom reads:


  1. oh wow, i love the choice of your dresses- black is my fav winter colour :-) the last dress is perfect with black sandals and red lips...and a hair tied up would look perfect with it.!!! pretty nice blog plus your content is so original :-) I am your new follower :-) have a look at my blog

  2. Thank you! Yeah, I think the last is my favourite but trying it on will be the final test. If not, I'm hoping the first one will be one of those, looks nicer on than off ones. I'm going to head over to your blog now :)