Monday 21 October 2013

What's in my bag?

I don't believe you could be a blogger, or at least read other people's blogs without being nosey, so it goes without saying that a "what's in my bag" type blog is done to death but still appears popular. So here goes, what's in my bag?

My bag of choice today is my Michael Kors black leather tote with gold chain detailing. I love this bag as it's the perfect size to house my rubbish with the necessary pockets! It's also large enough to carry a pad of paper - which is great for uni! I think it originally sold in stores for £235 but it was a gift from myself in the sale on my first pay check for actually finding a job at uni. Definitely decided I needed the treat.

It's a horrible rainy day here for a start so the sunnies haven't made an appearance and are instead replaced by my favourite umbrella. I'm one of those people where I do (to an extent) like my umbrella to match my outfit so I have a staple two. One black (featured) and a navy one. I can;t mix navy and black. My work uniform of a navy shirt and black bottoms nearly kills me - but I'm digressing. This umbrella is from Elle and features cute red fringing and a faux leather turned handle.

My purse is a patent leather Ted Baker bought as a birthday present for me by my Gran last year. I love it and always wanted one. But sadly I don't see it as the most practical. It's a nail breaker to ever get my cards out of it, the popper never stays done up and the leather (although I have treated it) has started to crack, but that could just be a sign of over use! Saying this, I'm not about to ditch it in the near future. It's way to pretty for that!

Being a forgetful student, my filofax is key to my everyday life. I chose the "Domino" organiser in deep pink as it's the perfect size, without being too weighty to be lugging around. I use it as a homework journal and a backup timetable in case my phone is having an off day. It currently also houses my Christmas list on one of the many notes pages. I only have my Dad, Gran and boyfriend to purchase for now!!

I love Volvic Touch of Strawberry water and if I had my car at uni with me, I'd definitely stock up and bulk buy, but at the moment my purse has to do with the daily purchase to keep me hydrated. I don't like squash as I find it too sugary and artificial but equally don't like water unless it's ice cold with some lemon. Yes I'm fussy over water, but I need to drink something during the day and it's healthier than other options. 

My headphones and keys are just essentials. I love big key rings as they're easier to find at the bottom of your handbag. These are just my house keys for uni, my car and home keys feature the red Cath Kidston ring (primarily to match my car) but also as an easy way to not pick up the wrong ones! 

My Osprey purse just houses some of those daily items I actually rarely use, but may need (apart from the lipstick). Inside there is; a comb, nail file, hair ties, chewing gum and lipstick. I keep these together so that if I change handbag in a hurry I don't forget anything. My luck would just be that I snag a nail and end up ripping my tights. I'm that clumsy. 

My phone (iphone 4s) isn't present as I've lost my camera charger so it's being used to take the photos. 

So that's it, my completely uninteresting life that lives inside my handbag. Hope it gave you an insight!

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