Saturday 26 October 2013

26/10/13 - nails #1

I haven't owned an Essie nail polish before but seeing as my parents are visiting I thought I'd buy a neural grey to go with any outfit. Essie nail polishes retail for £8 at Boots so not the cheapest but I'd heard from a friend that they last for ages! I used Sally Hansen "Hard as nails" for a base coat and Jessica's "Brilliance" as a top coat.

Master Plan has good coverage and the wide brush means you can almost cover your nail in one stroke. However this does mean that you have to pay extra attention as to where you direct the brush as the wide bristles mean you can easily coat half your finger as well as the nail if you aren't careful. I applied two coats to make it more opaque. I'm really happy with the colour and I'll keep you updated as to how well it lasts!

Have you used any products by Essie? 

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