Monday 14 October 2013

Summer Bargains

Seeing as I am new to the world of blogging I can't purchase and post as I go just yet so I thought I'd start my journey of fashion with a few of my Summer purchases. I'm a huge fan of discount retail stores/ centres for buying key staples - the sort of items that aren't meant for singular seasons. For those instances, I am all for the high street!

First of were my absolute bargains of the summer. When I'm not at university I live quite near Bicester Village. They currently have about 130 stores but are planning for more. One of these is my love, Ralph Lauren. I'm a preppy girl at heart (but equally don't want to look 14) so channel this love through different mediums, one of which is through shoes! 

While my intended visit was to buy a new pair of sandals just a few days before heading on holiday when i saw this particular pair of wedges, I couldn't say no! At an original retail price of £620 my black, strapy leather heels were meant to be mine. They were the only pair there and a size 4. They were also only £26.99! 

It is like walking on those stilts you have at primary school in the obstacle races - luckily for me I had a lot of practice of this as a kid. Saying this, they are comfortable. I just wouldn't ever wear them out for long periods of time in case someone spilt a drink on them. At the moment they are bar shoes (walking to the car, take pictures, sit at a bar - no other people contact) I just see them as to precious. 

Next on my summer list was a pair of wedged trainers that I spotted in TKmaxx. While being super comfy, I can easily wear them all days for miles. I frequently walk the mile and a bit to uni and back in them with no discomfort at all. I do find Kurt Geiger shoes to be a bit narrower for most, which suite me just fine! One advantage to small feet is that they are often in the sale!! However much I love the shoes I do doubt the quality as the rubber sole has recently started to come loose at the heel and super glue was required. For a pair of shoes with a huge bran name attached this did disappoint me a little but (thankfully) they are all right now!

Okay, I feel I have got a bit distracted by shoes!
I'm sure other purchases will crop up through the course of blogging, but my absolute staple is my watch. It is now discontinued like the previous posts but I love it. I wanted a plastic watch for ages but the Ice watch faces are all too large for my wrists and while everyone else was jumping on the Michael Kors band wagon, i decided to stay away a little while longer. 

I chose my watch as it's a bit different yet can be worn with just about every outfit that doesn't consist of navy blue or gold (if I wear it in the evening. One thing I hate is clashing metals if I'm out). The crystal details adds a slight touch of glitz, making it a little more girlie. To me it is perfect. 

What are your thoughts?

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