Monday 14 October 2013

Masterpiece Max; High Volume & Definition Mascara

Where to begin. I love this mascara. Over the too many years of experimenting with make-up to getting more established with what I like and want out of a product this will always be my go-to mascara. Admittedly I have been blessed with long eyelashes naturally but this alone can cause problems. Firstly you don't want that "spider" effect where all your lases clump to three "legs". Eugh. 

For me, this mascara not only creates amazing definition but stays on without rubbing off down your face. It's light weight thus doesn't create that curtain, or fringe you see every time you glance vaguely upwards. With the addition of using eyelash curlers, one coat of this and you're ready to go in the morning. There isn't any fussing about separating your lashes out, the design of the brush causes them to follow their natural fan.

Any dislikes? No. For £9.99 ( it's a steal!

What are your thoughts?

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