Sunday, 11 May 2014

I'm Never Going To Look Back

Oh where to start. Firstly, I apologise for not posting over the last 2 months. I love blogging but the rest of my life has had to come first for a while. Around the middle of February I decided to leave university. At the back of my mind I knew it wasn't really for me from day one, but I never had the courage to do anything else. Being at home over Christmas reminded me just how much I love my home comforts and when the opportunity to leave uni and start work arouse, I jumped at the chance - and I couldn't be happier! 
Being at home, for me, is great. 

It's not necessarily living with my parents, just the atmosphere of the community around me that I love just as much. Being home I can do all the activities I love, such as Tennis and Golf whilst also taking up new ones such as Zumba and Aqua aerobics. However, with this change of scenery, schedule and the worst internet in history at home (cheers Virgin) I just haven't been able to blog.

I'll leave you today with an instagram snap of a purchase I made last week, which will make it's official appearance on Friday in an outfit of the evening post. Stay tuned!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette

An eyeshadow palette made with 100% natural cocoa powder? Surly not. Oh hell yeah, and it even smells like chocolate - I'd make sure you eat before using! Anyway, this post does contain some rather dodgy swatch photos so for that I'm sorry!

This palette offering from Too Faced isn't a particularly new release which surprises me as to why there are so little reviews, especially from British bloggers. I picked mine up from BeautyBay for the reduced price of £40.50 (is usually £45.00) and for 16 shadows, I think that's a bargain! Everything about this palette is corresponding to the nature of their use of cocoa in production of the shadows. The box is representative of the typical foil wrapped chocolate bars with the palette itself being a rich brown with a raised "chocolate pieces" design. Then there are the names; Black Forest Truffle, Cherry Cordial, Marzipan... I could go on. It's gorgeous. A majority of the shadows (aside from a few) are as buttery as any Naked palette and equally as pigmented. A real winner.

The tin itself is quite bulky, far deeper than the Naked palette's and has a magnetic fastening. It's alright, but if travelling I'd probably put a hair band round it, just in case. It features 6 matte shades, 4 micro-glitter shades and 6 sheen finishes. The micro glitter shade Cherry Cordial is the only shade which isn't true to colour and isn't as buttery as the rest. On me it came off more grey/ brown tinted than burgundy and is a bit of a disappointment. The only other let down would be Strawberry Bon Bon. It's just not quite as pigmented again and slightly more chalky. Such a shame as the name is adorable! On a positive, the two larger shades are perfect in every sense. White Chocolate is ideal for an all over the lid colour and Champagne Truffle is an ideal highlight.

As you can probably tell, I love this palette. Probably more so than my Naked 3 palette and I can see myself using every single eye-shadow this has to offer. My favourites are probably Amaretto, Hazelnut and Marzipan.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Liebster Award

Firslty I'd like to thank the lovely ladies Lucy and Hollie for nominating me for this!

"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate other bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer.  It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow."

11 Random Facts:

1) I love spending money.
2) I am petrified of any animal with less than two legs and more than 4.
3) My favourite food is a roast dinner.
4) I am super clumsy. I don't know how they put up with me at work.
5) I enjoy a huge variety of TV. My favourite shows (past and present) are; Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries, HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory.
6) I love the sun and that feeling of inner warmth. If that makes sense.
7) My favourite film is The Lion King.
8) I dislike cities. I mean they're okay for a day of sight seeing/ shopping once in a while but, eugh, just too many people for me. Which brings me on to fact 9;
9) I prefer animals to people. May sound odd but I wouldn't mind living life as a crazy cat lady (much to the boyfriends fear).
10) I comfort eat.
11) I dislike water - being in it, drinking it, hearing it...

Lucy Questions:

1. What is your ultimate favourite mascara?
Max Factor Masterpiece Max

2. What is your go-to nail polish?
Hmm.. tricky. My most worn (judging by usage) is Nails Inc Monmouth Street

3. Which is your favourite beauty brand?
Oh goodness, MAC? Only because I have tried a larger proportions of their products and I know I like them.

4. If you only had time to put three products on in the morning, which three would it be?
Mascara, foundation and lipstick

5. What colour do you wear the most?
Probably black or white? So dull.

6. What is your favourite film?
The Lion King!!

7. What is your all time favourite shop?

8. What cosmetics are you wearing right now?
Foundation, concealer, powder, lipstick, blusher, highlighter, brow gel, eyeshadow, mascara, eye primer, lipstick

9. Which cleanser are you currently using?
Liz Earle cleanse and polish

10. If you could design a make up collection for a well known make up brand, which brand would you most want it to be under?
Urban Decay? That way I could go really wacky on the coloured eyeshadows and the packaging!

11. What/who sparked your love for all things beauty and fashion and what do you love most about it?
Probably my Mum when I was little. I love the variety and how you can change up any outfit with a different make-up look or vice versus!

Hollie's Questions:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Portugal. In the Algarve but about 20 miles inland. 

2. What are your top 5 makeup products you can't live without?
Mascara, foundation, lipstick, powder and eyeshadow

3. If you could spend one day in the life of someone else who would it be?
Bill Nighy

4. What type of blogs do you find most interesting to read?
Beauty or interior design

5. Your favourite item of clothing that you own?
My big fur coat

6. Lipstick or lipgloss?

7. Whats a weird fact about yourself that not everyone might know?
I hated university. Possibly the most over hyped time of my life.

8. Your favourite shop to shop in?
Favourite to shop in, probably House of Fraser. Their staff are always welcoming and it's laid out well!

9. What is your favourite makeup brand?

10. Your best and favourite makeup tip?
Agh, I don't think I have a make-up tip. Probably buy what suits you rather than wasting your money just because you feel you should be owning it.

11. Your favourite song?
This completely depends on the time or place. If I'm driving I like "shower songs" (something I can belt my heart out to.. typically older music.. my car has a cassette tape so things can get ancient) but getting ready for a night out its more up beat and "newer" if I'm working its slower and typically songs from musicals. My most played song on iTunes is River by Emilie Sande (after the Christmas songs - woops).

My 11 Questions:

1) Who is your beauty inspiration?
2) Do you impulse buy or go on recommendations?
3) What is your favourite season?
4) Do you prefer films of TV?
5) What do you order food/ drink wise at the cinema? Or are you a bring your own kinda person?
6) Cats or dogs?
7) Where is your favourite location to be?
8) What are you top 5 make-up brushes?
9) What's you favourite book?
10) If you lost all your make-up and could only re-purchase 5 items, what would they be?
11) What's your ideal job?

I would like to nominate:

So there it is, a very long post! I hope you enjoyed my answers and I look forward to reading those that I've nominated. Thank you again to Lucy and Hollie!

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna

MAC have produced several Viva Glam colaboartions before with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga and 2014 was the launch of Rihanna being their spokeswomen. Every penny generated through the sales of MAC's Viva Glam range support Men, Women and Children suffering with HIV/ AIDS.

This limited edition, blue toned red lipstick is a one of their "Frost" finishes so is glossy and has a slight shimmer. Unlike Ruby Woo, this red doesn't tug at the skin and feels nourishing as well as seeming to be long wearing (I have only worn it round the house so far - why not?). It's also worth noting that the packaging of this is so glorious to feel and hold. It's sort of rubberised!
This collaboration is sold online and in store(here), but it probably will go through stages of selling out!

 Yeah, I didn't think to look at what was lurking behind me before taking this. Rookie error.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Collective Cosmetics Haul

This is a somewhat of a collective cosmetics post with items that I have collected over the last few weeks and while this does contain not only group photos of what I purchased, I thought I'd take a series of photos to record the day for you! These haul posts that occur with Lucy seem to be a monthly occurrence now, in which way to much food is consumed and too much money is spent. Yesterday was no different and once again took place in Southampton. This time however, we found the Debenhams (who isn't keen to collect the points?) the staff there are soo much more friendlier than those at the John Lewis. I guess it's probably because they're not as busy and can spend the time chatting to you, but both ladies we spoke to (from Dior and Urban Decay) were lovely and I can not fault them! This is primarily where the damage was done to be honest. Dior were offering a free lipgloss (plus many serum samples) with any two purchases. From there we moved to Boots and then on to John Lewis and Next. I did buy some mugs in Next (cheating a little on cosmetics) but they were super cute and couldn't resist! I just hope you enjoy a lot of pictures.
OOTD (T-shirt = Topshop, Cardi = NW3 for Hobbs, Skirt = Primark, Trainers = Nike, Necklace = Stradavarius, Barry B nail polish in Blue Grape, Bracelts = all gifts)

Good ol' MAC lipsticks

Which results in the need of a make-up wipe

Gingerbread hot choc anyone?

Sneak peak into one of Lucy's purchases...

- Dior Addict Lip Glow
- Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 08
- Dior lip pencil 663
- NYX blusher
- Barry M nail vanish Passion Fruit
- L'oreal Lumi Magique (a dupe for Touche eclat?)
- Mac Viva Glam Riri lipstick
- Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish set
- Next Mugs

Free gifts:
- Dior lip gloss (No name/ number)
- Clinique all about eyes sample

The Too Faces Chocolate bar palette. This calorie free chocolate bar is perfect and smells oh so gorgeous. If this interests you, I'll be doing a full review later this week!

Lastly I picked up the Real Techniques Blush, Stippling and Expert Face brushes at my local Asda (available here) as they are so cheap! I haven't taken photo's of these. Firstly, I forgot I'd bought them, and secondly  they've been photographed and reviewed to death. They're amazing. Enough said.  

Have you bought anything new recently? 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What's on my face

Now I know I do a fair few posts on what I've purchased and my thoughts on them, but very few on what I wear them with! I'm currently working a lot of shifts at my part time work place (a little pasty shop) to which it gets very hot and the greasiness does not do wonders for my make-up! In these circumstances I turn to trusted favourites that I know don't budge that (just about) last through an 8 hour shift! 

So, what's on my face? Starting with the base, I've been using Benefits porefessional followed by Rimmel match perfection foundation (I use 200 soft beige and the real techniques buffing brush). I love this foundation and have re-purchased it a few times. I like the medium coverage which can be built up easily and the very slight glow it gives my skin. For my tired old eyes, I use collection lasting perfection concealer. This stays put a little longer than other concealers I have, although it does start I crease around mid - day (only when I'm at work) so I have to do a lunch time touch up. If things are bad I set it using rimmel's stay matte powder, but too many products on my face leaves me looking like a greasy mess come the end of my shift. For a bit colour I use Mac's Plum Foolery. I adore this blusher. I have used it every day in what seems like forever using my Bobbi Brown blush brush. For eyes I use a Laura Mercier eyeliner on my waterline in Espresso with Mac's Opulash and Cliniques bottom last mascara. This Clinique mascara is new to me, but so far so good! I used to wear eyeshadow, but regardless of primer, they creased almost instantly due to the steam of being in dishwash. To finish off, I am loving the Max Factor lipfinity lip tint (01). This lasts well and fades nicely so I don't have to worry on dodgy lipstick if I don't have a break in time to reapply. 

So there it is, my slightly rambling post on my work day make-up. Once I get a proper tri pod I'm going to include a few more of the "what's on my face" type of posts, so let me know if there's any look in particular you'd like to see!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Smashbox Smokebox

My first ever mid end eye-shadow palette, it is honestly very sentimental to me. I purchased this from the Cosmetics Company back in 2012 and at the time I knew nothing of the Smashbox brand and just went for the beautiful range of colours, the burgundy was something I'd never owned before. I wore this constantly for at least a year before I branched out a little and I still haven't hit pan. I think I purchased it for £23, which is a bargain seeing as they still sell it in Boots for £32 - although it has had a minor revamp. In comparison with Mac, Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown, the product isn't as soft and luxurious to touch but still my favourites. That little extra grip means these shadows do not budge without primer and they are still super pigmented.

Going from left to right, top row first:
Alabaster: A matte peachy toned cream
Thunder: A rich grey with a silver sheen
Blackout: A deep black - probably the least pigmented however
Roast: A luxurious brown with gold shimmer
Blackcurrent: An almost matte burgundy, with a hint of pinky shimmer
Seaform: A creamy silver sheen

It's also worth noting that the mini double-ended brush isn't too shabby either. Yes you're never going to be able to blend colours into your crease with it, but it's dense enough to be able to pack colour on to your lid in a make-up emergency. 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Nails #8

This weeks nails come in the form of Deborah Lippmann's Modern Love. This is a slightly darker than neutral shade, but still quite sophisticated and classic. I love the consistency of these polishes and it lasts a good 4 days without signs of chipping.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Wilkinson's Flower pattern desk tidies

I thought I'd fill you in on some pretty amazing storage that I stumbled across in Wilkinson's the other week. These pen and letter holders have a cute cut out flower pattern and for those with slightly smaller brush collections, I think these are pretty perfect! The"pen holder" is £2.50 and the "letter holder" is £3.75. As a slight variation to the icon Ikea plant pots I think these looks fairly elegant! I currently have the one "letter holder" that contains 3 of my bigger palette's, 2 pots for brushes (one for eyes and lips and face) and one that holds eyeliners/ mascara. My only criticism is that the 3 part holder isn't tiered, but for the price I think they're super cute and just a little bit different.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Where it all started

Does anyone remember those palettes you used as a child, cheap plastic packaging, even cheaper products which contained a bright pink lipstick, a bright red lipstick, some "blusher", eyeshadow, lipgloss and nail vanish which always dried up before you actually went to use it? Oh they were awful, yet I loved them. From those drag queen-esque days, my make-up looks changed slightly. When I was probably about 5 (1998 ish?) silver body glitter was oh so popular and my Dad teased me many a time for looking ridiculous. Teamed with some of my Mum's eyeshadow (normally a blue shade that she didn't wear) I was the bees knees. Alongside these timeless looks came the introduction of fake tattoos, glitter hair spray and those god awful hair tattoos, normally in a star formation that had to be applied wet and then wouldn't come out again? No, just me? I just feel sorry for my Mum!

As I got a little older the magazine "Sabrina's Secrets" was launched with the arrival of a purple trunk and a silver nail art pen with an increase amount of crap every week after that. I didn't get every magazine, but a fair few! I also received a make your own nail vanish set when I was 8/9. My Mum hated that set. It was messy, gloopy, and the colours always resembled a grey sludge. Nice. 

I think hair is also worth a quick note. I loved crimper's and scrunchies. I wasn't such a fan of the butterfly clips, but that feeling of wearing a new summer dress and matching srcunchie was un-beatable.

I'm happy to announce that I no longer believe silver glitter is acceptable all over ones arms and cheeks and I now don't use the same brush to apply all my make-up. But, without sounding like a Granny, so many young girls take their childhood too seriously and seem to miss this "experimentation" stage. I loved receiving those weekly (or was it every other week) magazines, and I wouldn't love make-up now if I hadn't experienced it then!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Smashbox Heatwave palette

Oh how I love this palette. It's sort of neutrals with a slight twist featuring 5 warm, yellow based tones and 5 cool tones which are perfect for a subtle smokey eye or a wash of colour. These shadows aren't as buttery as Urban Decay and when packing on the colour, the shimmery shades tend to fall a little on to the cheek if you're not careful. However, they are very bendable and beautifully pigmented shades. Another slight negative is that they're not named, a concept I do find quite odd, and a little lazy on Smashbox's behalf. However, I have included some swatches below, all of which are true to the shades shown in the palette. I picked this up for £23 in The Cosmetics Company, however it is available in Boots (here). Word of warning, the picture used on the Boots website does not give these colours the justice they deserve!

Friday, 7 February 2014

A little make-up pick me up

Today was one of those days where I needed a little cheering up so the obvious thing to do was a little retail therapy. This isn't a huge haul but I did manage to pick up an item that was on my Spring/ Summer wishlist. This is purely a list of what I brought and I'll do reviews at a later date.

First off is the Elderflower unperfumed gel from The Body Shop (£7). Now I can not for the life of me remember who's blog it was I read that highly recommended this clear unassuming gel, but their wise words on how this controls puffy eye's and dark circles caused me to put this on my shopping list. I also picked up the Warming Mineral mask (£10) which was posited next to the gel. Now after using the pore reducing mask that Soap and glory had to offer I've had breakouts on my cheeks and chin so I was keen to pick up something different. Now I haven't tried any masks from The Body Shop before and I haven't read a review, this was just spontaneous purchase so stay tuned if you wish to find out how I got on.

Next on my list was Boots. A haul is not complete without Boots. From here I picked up the Samantha Chapman duo-fibre collection brushes (£23.99) as I was particularly interested in the face brush. From first inspection, these are super soft and I can't wait to use them. I then picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (£4.19) in 2 as my 3 gets a little dark when the fake tan starts to fade. From Essie I picked up the rich, dusty rose "In Stitches" as I love the colour and do not own anything even remotely similar and then from Revlon I picked up the Rose glow Highlighting palette (£8.99) which according to Lily, is a better dupe to the Bobbi Brown!

Last but by no means least is the Dior Trianon Edition blush in 763 Corail bagatelle (I assume that's the name?) it is beautiful, not just in colour but just so aesthetically pleasing too and definitely too pretty to use just yet.

I hope I haven't rambled too much, is there anything you have your eye on at the moment?

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Home Scents, Ralph Lauren Northern Coast

I am a self confessed right fussy mare when it comes to candle scents/ diffusers and equally can't justify the price of those I do like ie. those sold in Space NK. However, things have got a little desperate lately with my uni room getting really quite mouldy (we're waiting for the rook to be repaired) and it's started smelling a littke funky. Thus I started scouring the streets of Portsmouth for a decent candle.. I really dislike Yankee Candles, which I know is pretty mush unheard of, but I am yet to find one that isn't too sweet or too musky. A few weeks ago I thought I'd found the perfect room diffuser in Next from their New York range but (as you'll know if you've read my last haul post) I purchased the perfume by accident, then lost the receipt and it turns out my local next didn't stock it anyway. Moving on, whilst shopping for the boyfriend Valentines present I spotted Ralph Lauren had their candles at £9.99 each and their room diffusers at £12.99. What a bargain! I was first off drawn to the packaging of this Northern Coast scent, which I know you don't judge a book by it's cover, but this smells oh so perfect. It's main notes is Mango, with hints of lemon and musk. Whilst the candle alone isn't overpoweringly strong, it's ideal for my little room. The pair are in frosted glass containers with the RL logo and the candle states a 50 hour burn time. I love them, and while they're this price I feel I may have to stock up!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

And relax...

It's got to that time of week again. The Sunday evening we love and hate. The best time of the week to relax and prepare for the following week but then again, Monday morning is looming. A warm bubble bath seemed the perfect time to read the March issue of Elle. 

Today I decided on the Cowshed "knackered cow" bath gel with hints of lavender and eucalyptus which I received in their Christmas cracker (currently £3 for 2 of these miniatures here). For my face I used Soap and Glory's "fab pore 2 in 1 mask". My skin has been feeling deflated and spotty this past week and my house mate recommended this to really clear my skin - I'll report back on if this has worked. 

Lastly, for true relaxation I compiled a simple playlist to complete my bath experience. This little collection lasted the perfect amount of time before the water went cold! As for the songs, I warn you there is a mix, but this is what I chose:

Blue - Beyonce (ft.Blue Ivy)
Dance With My Father = Luther Vandros
Electricity - Original Cast of Billy Elliot
Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac
Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
On My Own - Samantha Barks (Les Mis)
The Power of Love - Jennifer Rush
Somewhere Only We Know - Lily Allen
One Day More - Les Miserables Cast
Memory - Elaine Paige (Cats)

So, what have you done to relax this Sunday evening?

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Revlon Colorburst Balm's

So with this post, I thought I'd throw a slight spanner in the works. The other week (as I'm sure you're aware), Revlon released a new line of lip balms to their Just kissable balm stains with a matte and a lacquer version. On arrival I decided to buy just the two, one from each line to see what I thought with the intention of probably buying more of the matte ones as they were soo hyped up! They're the usual balm packaging with a wind up type bottom with a slight minty smell.  

I'll start with the matte. I picked up the colour Elusive which is a dusty pale pink. I love the colour but the formula really let me down! I mean, it's alright.. but nothing special. It didn't last very well and immediately settled into the creases of my lips. Now in the last few weeks my lips have been in surprisingly good condition, but you'd have thought otherwise if you crossed my path last Wednesday! Anyway enough of the depressing side of this post, I adore the lacquer version that I picked up in Flirtacious - a slightly shimmery fuchsia that is really quite opaque for a balm. This is very easy to apply, and although you need to top it up every couple of hours (unless eating then it's less) it fades, rather than looking cakey! I adore this.

I like the slight pepperminty smell, making it rather fresh but I understand this isn't to everyones taste. What are your thoughts on these two new comers?

Elusive (205), Flirtatious (125)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Naked Basics Palette

This was my only requested Christmas present for 2013. I wanted a primarily matte palette for using as as just a wash of colour, before creating the rest of my look. This handy little palette is so pigmented, better than my Naked 3 infact. Venus is the only shade with a slight shimmer which I use in the corner of my eye whereas the next 3 (Foxy, W.O.S. and Naked 2) I use as my base with faint and Crave adding definition. 

Venus*: A soft, off white
Foxy: A yellow based cream
Walk Of Shame: a pinky based nude
Naked 2*: A light taupe
Faint*: A warm, dusty brown
Crave*: A deep matte black
* Exclusive to Naked Basics

I find this and Naked 3 to be the perfect combination. Add the other Naked palette's and it's probably an over kill. However, I am a huge fan. The only this would be the packaging. It is so stiff to open! Great if you throw it in you handbag, not great if you don't want to be chipping nails in the process. 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Just a little wishlist for Spring/ Summer

Oh it's fun to dream, right? After my big shopping spree the other week I am supposed to be on a spending ban. It's hard, really hard especially with all these beautiful colours that are emerging in Spring/ Summer collections. 

First off is the Narsissist Blush Palette (£35). It's currently available to pre-order and sat in my Space NK basket. Now, I don't own any Nars blushers so I can justify buying this. It has both Orgasm and Laguna with the addition of a limited edition highlighter. For the price, I think it's a bargain and will hopefully soon be in my collection!

This mint green coat from New Look (£54.99) is divine.  I love pastel colours but I don't really suit them so close to my skin. My answer therefore is to buy in to this seasons trend through a coat, to which I can team it with colours that suit me a little better. Do I need another coat? No. Do I love this Mohair-ish, oversized design? Yes.

I definitely do not need another pair of boots. I have so many pairs that I rarely wear, but I do not own any riding boot styled ones (I really can justify my way to purchasing anything). These Kurt Geiger Victory boots (£180) are simple, timeless and elegant. I just need them to come in to the sale!

How cute is the embossed design on this Dior (£30.50) blusher? I don't think I could ever actually use it, but I love it so soo much! 

Dior have won my heart again with this palette (£59.00). The exterior is pretty enough to frame and the colours featured inside are equally gorgeous. Again, I would never use the pastel colours as they're not for me but I can dream of spending so much money on something I'll never use...

Now I know these eyelash curlers (Shu Uemura £20) have taken the beauty world by storm but I really don't see how they differ from the ones you get for a couple of pounds. The mechanisms do not change, the pads all look pretty similar and the curvature of the top (don't know what to call that part) is equally identical. This being said, I'd like to own a pair just to see what the price difference equates to in terms of curling power.

I think a Tom Ford lipstick (£36) is on every beauty bloggers wish list. I'd chose the shade Cherry Lush because if I were to spend that much on a lipstick, I'd want it to make an impact!

Lastly, this Bobbi Brown Brightening finishing powder in porcelain pearl (£40). How friggin gorgeous is this? I don't really care if it works or not, it looks fabulous and I'm so curious as to try it out!

So there you have it. A rummage into my mind of the palettes and shades I dream of owning at some point this year. My wishlists will only continue to grow and my purse will continue to shrink. I think it's time I give up this uni malarkey and get a proper job!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Deborah Lippmann nail vanishes - nails #7

Just need to take a second to honour TKMaxx once again. I really don't understand why people shun it. If you take the time to rummage through all the crap, you really can find bargains! Especially on the beauty front. Go in weekly and just browse, you soon learn when they get their deliveries and what week they discount what section. It normally rotates from Women's, Men's, Shoes, Handbags, Homewear and then Beauty - but this can differ. I saw these in store when they first came in before Christmas priced at £12.99 for the three. Now I know this is still less than "Across the Universe" (far right) which is on sale here for £17. However I do not need nail vanishes, so I left them, only to stumble across them this week for £3!! This I could not refuse. In the set I got (in order shown) "Hit me with your best shot", "Modern love" and "Across the universe. I haven't tried the first two yet as it isn't quite the right time of year for "Modern love" but primarily I couldn't wait to try the sparkle top coat the last has to offer. I paired it with a Barry M Gelly paint in 351 "Blue Grape". Oh my it is stunning. I have got so many compliments this week. The aqua sheen and metallic pieces are truly gorgeous! These are probably the best bargains I have ever bought out shopping, I'm a very happy bunny. 

Marc Jacobs Perfumes

Hmm, it's fair to say I have a bit of a soft spot for these delightful scents. But, to get one thing straight. I haven't bought these all at once. My friend's bought me "Daisy" for my 16th Birthday and since then, Santa has brought the others for me over the last 4 years. It's fair to say he knows me well! Sadly "Daisy" and "Lola" are now empty with the exception of the miniature. What I love about these perfumes (aside from the striking bottles)  is that they are so versatile; Easily taking you through from day to night. Anyway, enough of an introduction. I'll do a brief description of them all, in order that they are shown in the picture.

Oh Lola: I received this Christmas 2013 and I wasn't supposed to get it. My Mum knew I wanted Honey but it had sold out everytime she went to purchase it, so settled for this. She did however find Honey eventually so I got both! This has notes of Strawberry, Peony, Rose and Vanilla and I think I will enjoy this more in the Summer months. It  is a beautiful scent but something is quite right when it's raining and cold and i wear this... I can't quite put my finger on it.

Honey: This is slightly more of a fruity floral with notes of Orange blossom, Peach, Honeysuckle, Vanilla and Honey - as the name suggest. I got this last Christmas and it is my current favourite. It is soo sweet and girly and fresh and I love it! I've heard a few of my friends say that it isn't a scent for them at all, but I seem to use it five days out of seven.

Dot: This floral scent has notes of Jasmine, Orange blossom, Red berries, Dragon fruit and Vanilla. This is probably my least favourite and one I go to less often. It isn't that I dislike it at all, it's just a little harsher than the others, less sweet and therefore I seem to think it should be worn at more serious events - do not ask why! However, this is probably the longest lasting perfume on me.

Lola: I received this in Christmas 2012 this bottle barely lasted a year! I adore it! Described as having notes of Rose, Fuchsia, Geranium, Pear, Grapefruit and Creamy Musk, it is an easy to wear daily scent with the perfect floral balance without you smelling like an old lady. It isn't so overpowering that you get odd looks, yet is fresh enough for you to smell good all day.

Daisy: Oh, I still love this perfume four years on. This one seems to smell slightly less sweet on me than others. I know perfumes adjust to everyone differently but this genuinely smells completely different on me to others! On me it doesn't smell half as sweet and girly, which I find perfect on occasion. I guess it is just a very natural scent. This has notes of Violet, Strawberries and a sort of woody undertone.

So there we are, scents for the girly girls out there. I also find Marc Jacobs perfumes to be very reasonably priced. The 50ml are all under £50 in Boots, and you can pick up the gift sets with either the 100ml and the miniature's or with the 50ml and shower gels/ moisturisers making them perfect presents. I also have a tendency to keep the boxes, for reasons that I will showcase in a later blog post! All I need now is "Daisy Eau So Fresh"... Hint Hint!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bourjois 1 second gel polish review - nails #6

Now, I gave a mini review on the brush in my last nails post and stated I would only buy more if the lasting power was acceptable. It wasn't but I did. I wanted to see if there was a difference in shades from what I experienced with the pink. I used to frequently get the Jessica geleration manicure while working for a salon. We found that with a 30 second led lamp, some colours experienced a shrinkage. No matter how close to the nail beds you went, and how careful you were to paint along the top edge of the nail, the polish would shrink and you're left with a gap around the whole nail. This is what happened with the pink. The polish shrunk back around 5 minutes after finishing with my seche vite top coat. So, I decided to try again without the top coat and used an essie one instead. It still shrunk back. At this point I decided to purchase no. 22 turquoise block. Again, the colour is gorgeous! They are so opaque after one stroke that it is there only saving grace for me. Again, this one shrunk back, not as much, but enough for them to chip in the first 24 hours. It's a shame as I love these colours so much!!

I know so many bloggers rave about them, so maybe it's the natural oils of my nails that these don't get on with. But if you do have little fingers, I would stay clear. The brush is just a little too wide for this to be an easy manicure.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Help needed - how to depot Mac duo eye-shadows?

I recently purchased a pre-set Mac duo that featured "Dazzle me" and "Mulch". Two perfect shades that I'd had my eye on for building up my own palette. Now I am aware that once de-potted they need some magnetic strips in order to keep them in place, but my problem is how to get them out in the first place. I have de-potted two other eye-shadows prior to this. I followed a youtube video created by Fleur (Here) but this method doesn't work for the duo's. So, this is a small request for anyone out there that has successfully done this before, or a suggestion as to how I would go about this. From what I can see, I can't pop the back off of them and just hovering the pan over my straighteners is ineffective.

I would be forever grateful for any tips right now as they're starting to get a little lonely on their own!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pretty in Pink - Nails #5

I ran out of time to photograph my previous nails. Possibly my favourite polish of all times... Jessica's FX 2000 Ruff & Ready. This bright pink is so sparkly in just one stroke. I love it. Pink and glittery!! The point of the range is that they are rough on your nails, which without a top coat is really quite irritating. You find your nails stuck to everything! However with a top coat and just by using your hands, the roughness smooths out slightly after a day or two. I think it looks incredible!

However, after yesterdays purchase, I could not wait to try what Bourjois had to offer with their 1 second gel polish. Now  whereas it isn't 1 second at all, it is fairly quick, especially when paired with the Seche Vite top coat. I finished my nails about 5 seconds before typing this. They are fully touch dry, which is pretty darn amazing. I adore the colour of this polish but I really dislike the brush. I have narrow nail beds and I could not put any pressure on the brush with the fear of coating my whole finger. Depending on the lasting power of this polish will determine if I purchase more of these.