Friday 14 February 2014

Wilkinson's Flower pattern desk tidies

I thought I'd fill you in on some pretty amazing storage that I stumbled across in Wilkinson's the other week. These pen and letter holders have a cute cut out flower pattern and for those with slightly smaller brush collections, I think these are pretty perfect! The"pen holder" is £2.50 and the "letter holder" is £3.75. As a slight variation to the icon Ikea plant pots I think these looks fairly elegant! I currently have the one "letter holder" that contains 3 of my bigger palette's, 2 pots for brushes (one for eyes and lips and face) and one that holds eyeliners/ mascara. My only criticism is that the 3 part holder isn't tiered, but for the price I think they're super cute and just a little bit different.

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  1. Oh hey there Louiseeeee :-)

    Letter holders are such a good idea for palette storage! Next time we're shopping, I know what I'm picking up!

    Love all your posts xxxxx

    Lucy ♥
    lucylovehart | UK Beauty Blog