Tuesday 11 February 2014

Where it all started

Does anyone remember those palettes you used as a child, cheap plastic packaging, even cheaper products which contained a bright pink lipstick, a bright red lipstick, some "blusher", eyeshadow, lipgloss and nail vanish which always dried up before you actually went to use it? Oh they were awful, yet I loved them. From those drag queen-esque days, my make-up looks changed slightly. When I was probably about 5 (1998 ish?) silver body glitter was oh so popular and my Dad teased me many a time for looking ridiculous. Teamed with some of my Mum's eyeshadow (normally a blue shade that she didn't wear) I was the bees knees. Alongside these timeless looks came the introduction of fake tattoos, glitter hair spray and those god awful hair tattoos, normally in a star formation that had to be applied wet and then wouldn't come out again? No, just me? I just feel sorry for my Mum!

As I got a little older the magazine "Sabrina's Secrets" was launched with the arrival of a purple trunk and a silver nail art pen with an increase amount of crap every week after that. I didn't get every magazine, but a fair few! I also received a make your own nail vanish set when I was 8/9. My Mum hated that set. It was messy, gloopy, and the colours always resembled a grey sludge. Nice. 

I think hair is also worth a quick note. I loved crimper's and scrunchies. I wasn't such a fan of the butterfly clips, but that feeling of wearing a new summer dress and matching srcunchie was un-beatable.

I'm happy to announce that I no longer believe silver glitter is acceptable all over ones arms and cheeks and I now don't use the same brush to apply all my make-up. But, without sounding like a Granny, so many young girls take their childhood too seriously and seem to miss this "experimentation" stage. I loved receiving those weekly (or was it every other week) magazines, and I wouldn't love make-up now if I hadn't experienced it then!

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