Wednesday 5 February 2014

Home Scents, Ralph Lauren Northern Coast

I am a self confessed right fussy mare when it comes to candle scents/ diffusers and equally can't justify the price of those I do like ie. those sold in Space NK. However, things have got a little desperate lately with my uni room getting really quite mouldy (we're waiting for the rook to be repaired) and it's started smelling a littke funky. Thus I started scouring the streets of Portsmouth for a decent candle.. I really dislike Yankee Candles, which I know is pretty mush unheard of, but I am yet to find one that isn't too sweet or too musky. A few weeks ago I thought I'd found the perfect room diffuser in Next from their New York range but (as you'll know if you've read my last haul post) I purchased the perfume by accident, then lost the receipt and it turns out my local next didn't stock it anyway. Moving on, whilst shopping for the boyfriend Valentines present I spotted Ralph Lauren had their candles at £9.99 each and their room diffusers at £12.99. What a bargain! I was first off drawn to the packaging of this Northern Coast scent, which I know you don't judge a book by it's cover, but this smells oh so perfect. It's main notes is Mango, with hints of lemon and musk. Whilst the candle alone isn't overpoweringly strong, it's ideal for my little room. The pair are in frosted glass containers with the RL logo and the candle states a 50 hour burn time. I love them, and while they're this price I feel I may have to stock up!

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