Thursday 30 January 2014

Revlon Colorburst Balm's

So with this post, I thought I'd throw a slight spanner in the works. The other week (as I'm sure you're aware), Revlon released a new line of lip balms to their Just kissable balm stains with a matte and a lacquer version. On arrival I decided to buy just the two, one from each line to see what I thought with the intention of probably buying more of the matte ones as they were soo hyped up! They're the usual balm packaging with a wind up type bottom with a slight minty smell.  

I'll start with the matte. I picked up the colour Elusive which is a dusty pale pink. I love the colour but the formula really let me down! I mean, it's alright.. but nothing special. It didn't last very well and immediately settled into the creases of my lips. Now in the last few weeks my lips have been in surprisingly good condition, but you'd have thought otherwise if you crossed my path last Wednesday! Anyway enough of the depressing side of this post, I adore the lacquer version that I picked up in Flirtacious - a slightly shimmery fuchsia that is really quite opaque for a balm. This is very easy to apply, and although you need to top it up every couple of hours (unless eating then it's less) it fades, rather than looking cakey! I adore this.

I like the slight pepperminty smell, making it rather fresh but I understand this isn't to everyones taste. What are your thoughts on these two new comers?

Elusive (205), Flirtatious (125)

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