Thursday 2 January 2014

2014 Goals and Resolutions

Every year I start with the view to attempt to better my life and each year I fail miserably. I don't know if I'm just to lazy to follow some goals through or whether I forget what I originally set, but one thing is for sure. This is the year to change.

1) Lose weight. Now this is probably on many people's list and it's been on mine for several years now. Last year I made the excuse that I was living in uni halls and our kitchen was often too disgusting to want to spend much time in there cooking and eating so that resulted in many ready meals or pasta/ jacket potato centred meals. I'm quite an active person. I play badminton at uni and do a lot of walking as I don't take my car with me and at home I play tennis and golf. I live a healthy life style at home too, I'd say one meal a month is in the form of a take-away or pizza and apart from that my parents cook a variety of meals from scratch, all with fresh vegetables and fruit for dessert. It's back at uni that I don't follow through with this. I'm not looking to lose weight through eating tiny portions or excessive exercise at a gym as I want to change my lifestyle to keep the weight off - I don't want a quick fix. I start eating healthily with fish/ meat and veg and dinner and salad or soup for lunch, but I quickly get bored of this, and that's when I start snacking on crisps and chocolate. So my goal to achieve this is to learn to cook more varied dishes, that will keep me full but also interest me, things I look forward to eating. In terms of what I'll be measuring on the scales, I'll be more than happy if I drop a dress size by Summer. As I said, this is for long term rather than short.

2) Stop worrying at uni. Recently I've got myself quite worked up at uni, often phoning home in floods of tears. For whatever reason I feel very unsafe in Portsmouth right now and it's a problem I hope to over come. As of yet I don't know how, but my boyfriend Sam suggested that instead of coming home from uni and staying in bed for the afternoon, we need to explore the area we are living in a little more - make ourselves feel more at home. So fingers crossed!

3) Avoid leaving everything to the last minute and manage my money a bit better. The first is in aspects of uni work mainly. I am terrible at leaving assignments to the last minute often handing them in on the deadline day! The later is pretty self explanatory. I feel so sorry for my friends having to put up with me moaning about lack of money - we all students in the same position, yet I seem to be the worst on keeping track of my spending. I get plenty of student finance and I work so really I should not be complaining! My goal is to not at least half of what I earn, putting half of my wages immediately into savings and what I don't spend by the end of the month from the other half also goes into savings. If I manage to do this by easter time, I'm going to treat myself to a holiday, but hopefully I'll be in the mindset of spending less!

4) Blog more! I have been terrible through December at writing posts and for that I am sorry. I don't know where the last 3 weeks have gone! My target is going to be to write 2 posts a week. It doesn't sound a lot, and I know many bloggers manage to write a lot more than that, but for now, that is my goal.

Okay, so there it is 2014 in the writing. I now have no excuse for forgetting what my goals are and hopefully my last blog post of 2014 will be that I have accomplished all of these. Wish me luck!

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