Thursday 12 December 2013

Clairol nice and easy, perfect 10

Now I stupidly didn't take photos, so a quick apology to start with. As hair dyes go, it was pretty bog standard. They have 27 shades (according to their website) And in the box you get:
- step 1, colour creme 
- step 2, activating creme 
- step 3, 6 week conditioner
- gloves 
- instructions
- normal, filter shaped nozel
- a comb nozel

I bought the colour light brown 06, knowing the colour would turn out darker than stated. And boy was I right! Now I was dying over purple tinted/ browny orange crap, so in terms of coverage, it was amazing and my hair is all one colour! However that colour is a quite dark, red hued brown. I do like it so it isn't too much of a problem. As for ease of application, I found the comb end dripped a lot of product causing wastage. It stated to use this for the lengths and shows the cartoon doing just that, literally combing the product through. But I did this over the sink and a lot dropped in! So I stuck with the normal nozel to which I kind of draw lines and then massage into the inch wide sections of hair. I have quite long hair, not quite wait length but getting there and it is fairly thick, so if you reckon if your hair is similar to buy 2 lots. I had about 6 inches left after using one box. Sure I may have used more product than necessary but I like to be cautious after one too many missed patches. Once my head was covered, you just wait 10 minutes (I made tea) and it's ready to wash off. I probably left it on for about 12 as the shower took a weirdly long time to heat up, but once rinsing, it washes off very quickly and efficiently! The conditioner is lovely, sweet smelling, and has left my hair lovely and soft on day 2! I don't reckon this would last 6 weeks either (using once a week) maybe 4 tops if you have hair similar to mine.

But yeah, that's my review. I hope I made sense! 

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