Sunday 1 December 2013

Christmas gift guide

Thought I'd share with you my inspiration this year. This isn't so much what I've bought, but perhaps looking in places you wouldn't have thought. I am a huge fan of discounted places. I'm a strong believer that if you buy a timeless piece, such as silver jewellery and accessories, it doesn't really matter if you paid full price, or discounted. Timeless pieces will stay in fashion for many seasons! For this reason I love TKmaxx and places like Bicester/ Gunwharf  - which you've heard me prattle on about for ages now and this year it has proved invaluable.

Firstly my Mum's Birthday is just before Christmas so I have added pressure! She'd mentioned around March time that her favourite pair of brown leather gloves had started to go cracked and although they were still fine to wear, not really something she wanted to be seen with. This is where TKmaxx comes in. Browsing through my local branch and their range of leather gloves is huge! You can buy unknown brands, still 100% leather for under £15. Bargain! Anyway, the pair I seeked out are Ralph Lauren ones that I got for £24.99. I cut the label off so I can't remember how much they would have been, but definitely more that that! As for her Birthday, I was in Links of London in Gunwharf browsing for me (woops) and came across some simple, everyday earrings. Now they're not really my taste, but I know my Mum will love them. They were £30 which I think was an amazing price. So don't be put off from formerly expensive brands while at outlet shopping centres. There are bargains to be had provided you shop early (these earrings have already gone up in price) and are prepared to rummage and barge!

Next, is a present for a secret santa at work. Now (I think) she's between 30 and 35 and I was stumped. Our price limit was £5 and I couldn't think of anything. But, again TKmaxx didn't let me down. In amongst the childish make-up sets and make-up that has been trashed and or stolen from it's packaging, I picked up a set of 4 lavender candles, decorated with little paper flowers. I haven't heard of the brand but it's Heyland Whittle, and the packaging was cute so I went ahead and bought them. For £4.99, a little homely decoration is never hated - and if it is, then some lucky charity shop could have them!

Inspiration for tea lovers next comes from The Teashed. This company has evolved the boring tea packaging and is selling a range of 20 tea bags for £3.50, all named (some more appropriate to the receiver) in take-away tea cups. I bought mine in John Lewis in October when they were down to being £1.50 each, so I collected a few for friends.. They include, "4 am" and "Mr Greys". I think they're lovely and I just hope they'll taste good too!

Hope I've given you a little inspiration to shop around a bit to get a little more for your money!

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  1. Thank you so much for pointing out the tea shed. That's hthe boyfriend's mum xmas presie sorted!

    Love your blog. Following on GFC
    I'm having some xmas giveaways over at my blog, would love it if you had a peek! xx