Saturday 1 March 2014

The Liebster Award

Firslty I'd like to thank the lovely ladies Lucy and Hollie for nominating me for this!

"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate other bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer.  It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow."

11 Random Facts:

1) I love spending money.
2) I am petrified of any animal with less than two legs and more than 4.
3) My favourite food is a roast dinner.
4) I am super clumsy. I don't know how they put up with me at work.
5) I enjoy a huge variety of TV. My favourite shows (past and present) are; Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries, HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory.
6) I love the sun and that feeling of inner warmth. If that makes sense.
7) My favourite film is The Lion King.
8) I dislike cities. I mean they're okay for a day of sight seeing/ shopping once in a while but, eugh, just too many people for me. Which brings me on to fact 9;
9) I prefer animals to people. May sound odd but I wouldn't mind living life as a crazy cat lady (much to the boyfriends fear).
10) I comfort eat.
11) I dislike water - being in it, drinking it, hearing it...

Lucy Questions:

1. What is your ultimate favourite mascara?
Max Factor Masterpiece Max

2. What is your go-to nail polish?
Hmm.. tricky. My most worn (judging by usage) is Nails Inc Monmouth Street

3. Which is your favourite beauty brand?
Oh goodness, MAC? Only because I have tried a larger proportions of their products and I know I like them.

4. If you only had time to put three products on in the morning, which three would it be?
Mascara, foundation and lipstick

5. What colour do you wear the most?
Probably black or white? So dull.

6. What is your favourite film?
The Lion King!!

7. What is your all time favourite shop?

8. What cosmetics are you wearing right now?
Foundation, concealer, powder, lipstick, blusher, highlighter, brow gel, eyeshadow, mascara, eye primer, lipstick

9. Which cleanser are you currently using?
Liz Earle cleanse and polish

10. If you could design a make up collection for a well known make up brand, which brand would you most want it to be under?
Urban Decay? That way I could go really wacky on the coloured eyeshadows and the packaging!

11. What/who sparked your love for all things beauty and fashion and what do you love most about it?
Probably my Mum when I was little. I love the variety and how you can change up any outfit with a different make-up look or vice versus!

Hollie's Questions:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Portugal. In the Algarve but about 20 miles inland. 

2. What are your top 5 makeup products you can't live without?
Mascara, foundation, lipstick, powder and eyeshadow

3. If you could spend one day in the life of someone else who would it be?
Bill Nighy

4. What type of blogs do you find most interesting to read?
Beauty or interior design

5. Your favourite item of clothing that you own?
My big fur coat

6. Lipstick or lipgloss?

7. Whats a weird fact about yourself that not everyone might know?
I hated university. Possibly the most over hyped time of my life.

8. Your favourite shop to shop in?
Favourite to shop in, probably House of Fraser. Their staff are always welcoming and it's laid out well!

9. What is your favourite makeup brand?

10. Your best and favourite makeup tip?
Agh, I don't think I have a make-up tip. Probably buy what suits you rather than wasting your money just because you feel you should be owning it.

11. Your favourite song?
This completely depends on the time or place. If I'm driving I like "shower songs" (something I can belt my heart out to.. typically older music.. my car has a cassette tape so things can get ancient) but getting ready for a night out its more up beat and "newer" if I'm working its slower and typically songs from musicals. My most played song on iTunes is River by Emilie Sande (after the Christmas songs - woops).

My 11 Questions:

1) Who is your beauty inspiration?
2) Do you impulse buy or go on recommendations?
3) What is your favourite season?
4) Do you prefer films of TV?
5) What do you order food/ drink wise at the cinema? Or are you a bring your own kinda person?
6) Cats or dogs?
7) Where is your favourite location to be?
8) What are you top 5 make-up brushes?
9) What's you favourite book?
10) If you lost all your make-up and could only re-purchase 5 items, what would they be?
11) What's your ideal job?

I would like to nominate:

So there it is, a very long post! I hope you enjoyed my answers and I look forward to reading those that I've nominated. Thank you again to Lucy and Hollie!

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  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I will get on reposting this and nominating people tomorrow!

    Roseanne x