Monday 3 March 2014

Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette

An eyeshadow palette made with 100% natural cocoa powder? Surly not. Oh hell yeah, and it even smells like chocolate - I'd make sure you eat before using! Anyway, this post does contain some rather dodgy swatch photos so for that I'm sorry!

This palette offering from Too Faced isn't a particularly new release which surprises me as to why there are so little reviews, especially from British bloggers. I picked mine up from BeautyBay for the reduced price of £40.50 (is usually £45.00) and for 16 shadows, I think that's a bargain! Everything about this palette is corresponding to the nature of their use of cocoa in production of the shadows. The box is representative of the typical foil wrapped chocolate bars with the palette itself being a rich brown with a raised "chocolate pieces" design. Then there are the names; Black Forest Truffle, Cherry Cordial, Marzipan... I could go on. It's gorgeous. A majority of the shadows (aside from a few) are as buttery as any Naked palette and equally as pigmented. A real winner.

The tin itself is quite bulky, far deeper than the Naked palette's and has a magnetic fastening. It's alright, but if travelling I'd probably put a hair band round it, just in case. It features 6 matte shades, 4 micro-glitter shades and 6 sheen finishes. The micro glitter shade Cherry Cordial is the only shade which isn't true to colour and isn't as buttery as the rest. On me it came off more grey/ brown tinted than burgundy and is a bit of a disappointment. The only other let down would be Strawberry Bon Bon. It's just not quite as pigmented again and slightly more chalky. Such a shame as the name is adorable! On a positive, the two larger shades are perfect in every sense. White Chocolate is ideal for an all over the lid colour and Champagne Truffle is an ideal highlight.

As you can probably tell, I love this palette. Probably more so than my Naked 3 palette and I can see myself using every single eye-shadow this has to offer. My favourites are probably Amaretto, Hazelnut and Marzipan.

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  1. this palette looks so good!